What is the digital marketing career salary in india

digital marketing career salary in india
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What is the digital marketing career salary in india

What is the digital marketing career salary in India?
Digital Marketing is a term for all the online efforts injected in business to work. Simply put, Digital marketing encompasses all marketing efforts that use digital devices or the internet. It is an act of promoting and selling products by leveraging online marketing tactics like search marketing, social media marketing, and email marketing.

Roles in Digital Marketing

The world is going Digital and by the year 2020, every company will have an online presence thus creating a lot of career opportunities. The Digital Marketing industry is swelling in various aspects giving employees a scope to leverage on the basis of talent and skills.

So, let us have a look at some of the career options available in the Digital Marketing domain.

Job Titles & Average digital marketing career salary in India

Digital Marketing Manager

The major role of a Digital Marketing Manager is to enhance awareness about your brand in the digital space by developing, implementing, and managing marketing campaigns to promote the products of a company.

Digital Marketing Manager: $64,459

Digital Marketing Executive: A Digital Marketing executive plans and executes marketing campaigns, and maintains the content for the organization’s website. The major role of a marketing executive is to optimize content for the website and work on SEO for website pages.

SEO Manager

The role of an SEO specialist is to rank a website page on the search engines to increase the website’s traffic, compile performances report using Google Analytics and conducting on-page and off-page optimization for the company’s blog.

SEO Manager: $66,544

Social Media Marketing Expert

A social media expert is responsible for combining marketing and social media management to enhance the brand’s presence on social media, interaction with audiences, and promoting the brand’s content.

Inbound SEO Specialist: $50, 223

Content Manager

A content manager is responsible for managing the company’s blog, marketing campaigns, guest blogging, email communications, video marketing, copywriting, etc.

Content Manager: $69,155

Copywriter: A copywriter helps the content team to refine their content to get more reception, helps a search engine marketer to write ad copies, helps a social media manager with better words for copies on social media channels.

Seo Specialist: $43,821

SEM Specialist: An SEM specialist targets the number of leads and clicks from the given marketing budget, manages bid, conducts keyword research, analysis, ad copywriting, and tests ad campaigns.

Seo Specialist: $43,821


There are quite a few ways to make money as a blogger. You can monetize your own self-interest blog, which can be quite lucrative with a strong social media strategy. It is also where many pros get their start. Companies want to reach out to their customers. They want to connect on a more human level and provide their customers with valuable information, so brands are hiring writers to do it.

Many of the bigger companies hiring in-house bloggers want a bachelor’s in English or Journalism. However, small to medium-sized companies just starting out may be more willing to work with talented and dedicated writers who have relevant experience.

Blogger: $41,889

Digital Marketing Salary

The Digital Marketing salary varies according to the work profile, experience, and talent. If you have all three, you’ll definitely be able to barge in the opportunity.

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