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SAS Training Course Content & Syllabus

SAS helps you make sense of the message. As the leader in business analytics software and services, SAS transforms your data into insights that give you a fresh perspective on your business. You can identify what's working. Fix what isn't. And discover new opportunities.

The SAS Global Certification Program allows you to validate your SAS software skills and earn the globally-recognized credential endorsed by SAS.

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Getting Started with SAS
  • overview of the SAS System
  • introduction to SAS programs
  • running SAS programs
  • mastering fundamental concepts
  • diagnosing and correcting syntax errors
  • exploring the SAS environment
Getting Familiar with SAS Data Sets
  • explaining the concept of a SAS data library
Producing List Reports
  • getting started with the PRINT procedure
  • sequencing and grouping observations
  • identifying observations
  • using special WHERE statement operators
Enhancing Output
  • customizing report appearance
  • formatting data values
  • creating HTML reports
Creating SAS Data Sets
  • reading raw data files using column input and formatted input
  • examining data errors
  • assigning variable attributes
  • changing variable attributes
  • reading Microsoft Excel spreadsheets
Programming with the DATA Step
  • reading SAS data sets and creating variables
  • executing statements conditionally
  • dropping and keeping variables
  • reading date fields from Microsoft Excel spreadsheets
Combining SAS Data Sets
  • concatenating SAS data sets
  • merging SAS data sets
  • combining SAS data sets using additional features
Producing Summary Reports
  • introduction to summary reports
  • generating basic summary reports
  • using the REPORT procedure
  • creating reports using the TABULATE procedure
SAS/GRAPH Software
  • producing bar and pie charts
  • enhancing output
  • producing plots
Course Contents – BASE SAS
  • review of SAS basics
  • review of DATA step processing
  • review of displaying SAS data sets
  • working with existing SAS data sets
Controlling Input and Output
  • outputting multiple observations
  • writing to multiple SAS data sets
  • selecting variables and observations
  • writing to external files
Summarizing Data
  • creating an accumulating total variable
  • accumulating totals for a group of data
Reading and Writing Different Types of Data
  • reading delimited raw data files
  • controlling when a record loads
  • reading hierarchical raw data files
Data Transformations
  • manipulating character variables
  • manipulating numeric variables
  • manipulating numeric variables based on dates
  • converting variable type
Processing Data Iteratively
  • performing DO loop processing
  • performing SAS array processing
Combining SAS Data Sets
  • match-merging two or more SAS data sets
  • performing simple joins using the SQL procedure
Advanced SAS
  • Processing of Macros
  • Different ways to create macro variables
  • Concatenating macro variables and concatenating macro variables with text.
  • Referencing macro variables indirectly.
  • Various methods to create macro programs i.e. keyword and positional parameter.
  • Calling macro programs using various methods.
  • Macro Character functions.
  • Macro Evaluation functions.
  • Quoting functions.
  • Saving macro programs permanently.
  • Introduction to SQL.
  • Creating tables using SQL.
  • Inserting data into tables.
  • Retrieving the Data.
  • Assigning Primary Key and Foreign keys to tables.
  • Operators in SQL.
  • Summary functions
  • Joining 2 or more tables
  • Inner Joins and Outer Joins and Self Joins.
  • Views.
  • Sub queries.